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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The End of Abundance

It had to come, this first day after the end of the feasting season. I am happy it arrived; I've spent all day cooking again and again from Thanksgiving through New Year's, and I am tired. I need a winter's rest. My husband is cleaning and reorganizing the cold, cold garage - our extra cold storage area during feasting season - so that it can become an automobile home again. I am defrocking the Christmas tree, getting myself tangled in the wires of the lights. In a few days, my gardening year will begin with the annual inventory of seeds. But for now, we finish the last leftover rich foods and prepare for a winter's digestive rest and recovery. As we take down the exterior lights and retreat into darkness, it seems right to practice austerity in money, food, and personal habits. The garden rests; the kitchen rests; and so do we.

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