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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Oysters

I don't like oysters. It is nothing against the remarkable creatures - the Chesapeake Bay is better for them, and we need more - but eating them is another matter. I actually like the unique taste of oysters; it is the texture that creeps me out. Raw oyster sliders? Gag.

It all started when I was a prideful teenager. My Uncle Bob (actually my father's cousin) had a Christmas party. All the adults were in the kitchen and living room, and kids in the basement. I didn't know many people and did not want to hang with the basement crowd, so I was upstairs arguing politics with my very-right-wing Uncle. I was proud of holding my own, and my Uncle found it (perhaps) amusing. So then he challenged me to oyster sliders. Not having had a raw oyster before, I was easily game. Just one,and I was running to the basement, suddenly more interested in playing pool than politics.

But once again we are dining on oysters on New Year's Eve. We have some very nice oysters from the Bay, and I will be making Oyster Stew because my husband and son love it. I will have it well, as I am learning to like what they love. A few weeks back, we went to Woodbury Kitchen ( with our friends Ellen and Joe. They serve emphasize local fare, and have an ever changing and intriguing menu (radishes with tarragon butter as an appetizer was a surprise hit with me). One thing they do exceptionally well is oysters - grilled in a variety of preparations. I had one with bacon and tomato, and I have to admit that they were the best oysters I have ever eaten.

We also have caviar on New Year's Eve, along with champagne. Since I love both, the yearly splurge is always a treat. This year, I am trying (semi) local, American caviar, primarily because of cost,and an effort to be more responsible. So if I the oysters aren't to my liking, I'll wash them down with caviar and champagne. Life is sooooo good!

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