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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eating Local in Wintertime

The winds are continuing today, so hot and hearty is on tonight's menu. I have a couple of packages of shin bones with meat from Groft's Content Farm, purchased at the Farmer's Market in season, and I think I will use them in a beef vegetable soup. The veggies will largely come form the grocery store, though I will try to limit myself to what is in season despite the temptations of fruits of all seasons. I barely went into a grocery store all summer, buying both meats and produce from the farmer's markets. Will I be able to keep up the "buy local-eat local" effort during the winter months? No!! I'm not Barbara Kingsolver. I don't have a farm. I didn't can my tomatoes. I froze meat ahead, but what looked like a lot a month ago now looks like only enough for a few weeks. I'm green, but just a little. Give me a well stocked grocery store (or hardware, the only two types of stores worth the effort to browse, in my mind)and I'm content until spring.

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