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Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Winds

Today is cold and windy, but there is little snow on the ground. After getting almost 2 feet 2 weeks ago, we lost it in Christmas rain. More is on the way for New Year's. In this little snowless lull, I am hoping to get out to the garden to finish some undone chores left from fall. I need to tuck away a few things still in the yard - the Adirondacks that I so carefully painted shocking lime this year will peel if I don't rescue them from the backyard! I will check on the winter crops, but I think it is too cold for enything to be growing under the quilts now. Thanksgiving was the last meal made from our garden - a Swiss Chard Gratin and the last of the winter squash. The wind is so harsh, I'd rather be in the kitchen than outside. Dinner will be Fisherman's stew. It is cozy soup season!

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  1. Sounds good to me. I am filing enough for both of us today, so give yourself a break. Happy new year to the three of you from the three of us.

  2. Hi, Karen. I gather you, Jonathan, and Tommy are out in Michigan. I hope you're enjoying a most blessed holiday. I'm blogging at on religion, politics, and culture. Peter

  3. Thanks Bob and Peter - nice to have family support in this little venture!